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Marketing Success Now, Failure Later—Crash for Clunkers

Just when I think automobile advertising can’t get worse, they come through to prove me wrong yet again. This last go-round however can’t be pinned on a single automotive company, this was an industry-wide debacle and disaster, which will prove to bury the auto industry over the next ten years.

I look at it as the consummate band aid. I won’t go into morbid detail, we all know how it was designed. But as sustainable concept, it will go down in history right there with the Edsel. First of all, doesn’t anybody besides me find it a little odd that they were calling your current gas-guzzling car a clunker?

Who the heck made that car and sold it to you in the first place? Now they’re telling you that they really have the right car for you at an incredible extra $4500.00 savings courtesy of your government…a car you can drive for a good long time (without buying another one for a good long time, uh-oh).

Just exactly what will be going on over the next 5-7 years now that people have bought the good cars? I’ll tell you what, you will watch car dealerships closing faster than a no-limit poker player with 2-7 off-suit. And along with it…a few hundred thousand lost jobs. It gets worse. There must be a few steel crumbs left on the table, because now they are offering the same $4500.00 savings for “non-clunkers.”

Is there no end to the lack of respect for the intelligence of the American consumer? Advertising. The truth well told. Commerce. A quality product at a fair price. Don’t hold your breath.


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