Confused About Affiliate Marketing?

You can go to virtually any internet search engine and search for affiliate marketing and get hundreds of thousands of results… none of which give you a straight forward answer of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. I’m here to blog on the topic and hopefully shed some light about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing can be dated as far back as Amway…In more recent years, Amazon is where today’s version of affiliate marketing originated. In the mid 90’s, Amazon started an “Associate Program” in which companies could post their links, banners and other media to attract the attention of Amazon visitors in hopes that the potential customer would click on the link and purchase something. The business side of affiliate marketing then takes over and if a customer purchased something from that website, then that company would pay Amazon a small fee for the referral of the actual sale.

Affiliate marketing is largely considered an internet marketing strategy that works very well for all sizes of businesses but especially for small companies because money isn’t exchanged or paid unless the potential customer actually purchases something. Think of it like an online referral system where you are paying someone a fee or commission to advertise your business but you don’t pay that fee or commission until someone purchases something. It’s a “pay for performance” concept.

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Greg LaFleur

Director of Business Development

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