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Being the First to Market

Being the first born, the first place winner and especially the first to release a product comes with many advantages and a few disadvantages.  But if your product is useful and innovative the marketplace is your oyster. Through effective marketing and campaigning you can make a significant impact in the minds of consumers and indirectly set a standard for others to follow.

When Apple released the iPad, many critics didn’t believe customers would embrace such a device especially since they didn’t see a market for the tablet computer. But Apple created one and since then many other companies have joined them in the marketplace, yet none have captured the same amount of sales or attention as the iPad. In fact, the iPad has sold over 3 million units since it was released in April, and is projected to sell another 28 million units in 2011.

Being the first to launch their line of tablet computers allowed Apple to have a greater impact on consumers than all their competitors. Plus, they didn’t need as much creative flare to grab the attention of potential customers when they released the iPad, whereas every other company that puts out a similar product will have to prove how much better their product is compared to the iPad. The iPad also has exclusive name recognition in the tablet computer market and has been able to maintain a strong presence in the market, not only because they launched the iPad first but because their product is the best. Companies such as Samsung and Hewlett-Packard have already released tablet computers, but the iPad still seem to be the most popular tablet in the group.

Although there are a few disadvantages to being the first to market a product, Apple didn’t really have to face  them— except for the burden of introducing the product to consumers and educating them about it. In addition, just like many first inventors/company’s they had to put out the cost and their time in developing the product. But its  being the best and not the first that really matters.

When trying to keep up with the competition you need a marketing team that can relay your brand message as well as create a buzz that will grab the attention of potential clients. At J.M. Field Marketing, we have over 20 years experience in the industry and we’re knowledgeable about fulfilling orders via email, phone and web stores as well as we’re skilled at developing marketing campaigns to excite and captivate your audience whether you’re a new company or established player.

— Sean and Tavia

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