Direct Marketing Questions:

  • How can I grow a successful e-mail list for direct marketing?

  • How can I send my eblasts and avoid spam filters with direct marketing?

  • I don’t want to mislead my customers with direct marketing. How can I make sure I don’t send spam emails?

  • Is direct marketing dead? What about other marketing strategies?

  • Is direct marketing the same as direct mailing?

  • Is timing the ultimate factor when it comes to direct marketing?

  • What are the necessary steps that my business needs to be effective in direct marketing?

  • What is direct marketing?

  • What should be included in my direct marketing eblast design?

  • Which form of direct marketing is better for my business, direct mail marketing or email marketing?


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RIP Direct Marketing? Think Again…

Most people assume that direct marketing and direct marketing strategies are dead, but they definitely are not. Direct marketing, if done right, is an exceptional tool for advertising your business and increasing traffic back to your website. Print mail is still a viable way to reach people nowadays, with plenty of individuals not using basic devices like cell phones or computers. You shouldn’t exclude the majority who are not technology savvy and favor good old fashioned mail. There are a lot of customers out there that prefer direct mail because of its convenience factor.

The whole thing is a myth because direct marketing works for some. Basically, it all depends on what’s appropriate for your company and if it is a feasible option for you at the time. Direct marketing, particularly direct mail and catalogs, can increase your company’s revenue and make your business profitable. This is the case with direct marketing because there’s only so much that electronic marketing can do all by itself.

Direct marketing and direct marketing strategies have the capability to impact the customer. It’s great to put your brand in front of customers in a systematic process. When using these methods, you aren’t just sending out your advertisements, flyers and e-mails to anyone. You know all about your customers, who you’re reaching out to and the demographics.

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