An Integrated Marketing Campaign vs. An Uncoordinated Campaign

Many companies utilize different types of marketing campaigns to promote their company, yet they don’t integrate them. For instance, a direct mail campaign is great, but if during your campaign you also send eblasts to your customers, invite them to an event you’re sponsoring, giveaway promotional products and implement a telemarketing campaign then your efforts will produce stronger results.

If your direct mail campaign says one thing, your promotional product says something else and your telemarketing campaign promotes a different message then you’re pulling your customers in different directions. Without integration, it’s like watching an amateur do battle against an Olympic athlete. So an integrated marketing campaign that offers virtually the same message will certainly increase conversion, unlike an uncoordinated one.

If you know your target audience well, you’ll be able to identify the best integrated marketing strategies to incorporate into a hybrid campaign. The right tactics are sure to produce excellent results. Don’t let divergent approaches baffle the prospect and put a drag on the conversion of your integrated marketing campaign.

–Tavia 954-523-1957

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