6 Tips for a More Effective Direct Mail Campaign

There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. In order for your campaign to be successful it should be creative and original. Here are 6 tips that may help you to plan your next campaign:

1.) Be sure to determine exactly who your target market is and select a mailing list that is right for your marketing campaign. If your company sells surfing equipment, marketing to residents of Oklahoma would not be a good idea.

2.) Be creative. Implement graphics and fonts that are eye catching. Always imagine that you are marketing to people who only have a 5 second attention span. Keep your sentences short and to the point while using attention grabbing headlines.

3.) Make sure that your envelope doesn’t look like just another piece of junk mail. Have something on the envelope that will intrigue your reader and compel them to open it.

4.) Let your reader know exactly what you want them to do. Should they fill out an application or call your business for more information? Don’t be afraid to let them know multiple times.

5.) Most people’s favorite part of any marketing campaign is the free stuff. Include a coupon or free magnet in you envelope, or let the reader know that calling about more information or sending back the application will get them a free product, like a t-shirt.

6.) Keep track of your direct mail campaign. Ask customers who sign up for your product to mention a coupon or promotional code that was included in the direct mailer you sent out. This way, you can track how many people actually read and responded to you direct mailer.

A direct mail campaign can play a direct role in the success of your business, if planned and executed properly. Using these helpful tips will ensure that your business continue to grow.


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