Census Bureau Uses Promotional Products

2010 Census workers are towing a couple great gadgets this year. But it’s their logo tote bag, coffee mugs, rulers, church fans, luggage tags and other promotional products that really stand out to me. The Census Bureau is distributing these promotional products to remind people

Posted by March 31, 2010

Super Bowl 44 Promotional Items

One of the things I noticed after the game ended was that the NFL organization gave the Saints two specific promotional items including a NFL champion custom hat and printed shirt.

Posted by February 8, 2010

The Power of Promotional Products

Keeping your company’s name in front of your customers and prospects is vital to the continued success of your business. The best way to get people to remember your company name is to give them a promotional product that they can use in their daily life. Unlike ads which can be easily forgotten or overlooked, promotional products have longevity.

Posted by January 29, 2010

Hickory Farms Corporate Gift Box

Ever since I received a Hickory Farms gift box a couple years ago, they have become my go to gift. Their delightful make great corporate gifts, sales incentives and customer rewards.

Posted by December 3, 2009

Holiday Corporate Gift

Once again, Christmas will be celebrated on December 25th. If you have looked at our home page, you’ll see that... View Article

Posted by October 12, 2009