For Every Excuse, A New Strategy

We all make excuses; it’s a flaw of being human. We use excuses to stop ourselves from dealing with the issue.

Posted by June 8, 2010

Marketing with Sweepstakes

No doubt Gap will receive a large amount of consumer data in its “Gap Casting Call Sweepstakes” which encouraged parents to submit a photo their children for a chance to win three spectacular prizes. The Gap sweepstakes worked because they targeted potential buyers of their products, the parents.

Posted by June 2, 2010

An Integrated Marketing Campaign vs. An Uncoordinated Campaign

Many companies utilize different types of marketing campaigns to promote their company. Yet they don’t integrate them. For instance, a direct mail campaign is great, but if during your campaign you also send eblasts to your customers, invite them to an [.]

Posted by February 26, 2010